About Us



2516 Durant Ave,
Berkeley, CA 94704

Sun - Sat: 6PM - 2AM



4390 Telegraph Ave,
Oakland, CA 94609

Sun - Sat: 6PM - 2AM

Whether it’s hosting a club event or having the perfect Saturday night out with friends, Jaguar Karaoke is the go-to place for any occasion! Pick from our rooms, which come equipped with karaoke machines, flat screen TVs, HDMI ports, high-speed wifi, and more!

Berkeley & Oakland

  • We offer a private room karaoke experience where you and your friends can sing and dance!
  • We provide both a karaoke machine setup as well as Google Chromecast integration so that you can find and sing any and every song you'd like.
  • For Berkeley: Call 415-577-2196 to make a reservation.
  • For Oakland: Call 341-400-1190 to make a reservation.

Karaoke Machine Rentals

  • We can also bring the fun to you! We offer karaoke machine rentals to your home, workplace, or event space anywhere in the Bay Area.
  • Call 415-577-2196 to make a reservation.

For over 8 Years, Jaguar Karaoke has been a central part of the lives and experiences of the Berkeley and Oakland community. We are not just a karaoke lounge - we pride ourselves on the welcoming and entertaining environment that we have provided to our patrons. As a host for UC Berkeley orientations, we have become an important core of memories for students and university organizations. Our goal is to continue to foster our values of community and bonding in the delivery of our exceptional service, superb facilities, and welcoming environment.